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Hi.  I just subscribed to this list last night and was a little
surprised this morning not to find two million posts from it (like I get
from all my other mailing lists).  Anyway, I downloaded the source code
for XScorch v0.2.0 and compiled and ran it.  My wife spent two or three
hours last night playing it, but there are a few things I'd like to
change in my local copy, such as when a new battle starts the weapon
selection defaults to NO WEAPON.  That gets really annoying.  I wanted
to change it, but I couldn't find where it was located in the source
code.  Just little things like that.  Can anyone provide me with a
roadmap of the source code?  I'd be very grateful.  Thanks!
-Michael Sullivan-

P.S.:  The mailing list email address in the README file was wrong:  It
said to send a subscription request to xscorch-request@xxxxxxxxxxx  Just
thought you ought to know...