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The xscorch mailing list is back!

Hi, everybody...

Justin and I have purchased the xscorch.org domain (no website there yet,
but soon...) and this allows us to get the xscorch mailing list running
again.  I have imported all the old subscribers, so if you want to get
xscorch e-mail, you don't have to do anything.

If you do NOT want xscorch e-mail any more, all you need to do is send an
e-mail to xscorch-request (a) xscorch.org and say "unsubscribe" in the
subject.  Then reply to the confirmation e-mail.

The address to send e-mail to if you want to post to the list is now
xscorch (a) xscorch.org .  :)



War is one of the most heady and intoxicating, addictive enterprises ever
created by humankind. It has an allure, a fascination, a draw that sweeps
across national lines, ethnicity, race, religion. It has perverted,
corrupted, and ultimately destroyed societies and nations across the globe.

 - NY Times reporter Chris Hedges, interview with Bob Abernethy, Jan 2003