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xscorch 0.1.16 released (finally)

This announcement is a bit late, since 0.1.16 has technically been out for
a couple of weeks, but the e-mail list wasn't up yet...  Get your xscorch
at http://chaos2.org/xscorch/ like usual.

The 0.1.16 release is intended to be a brief testing release before we go
to 0.2.0 -- it has many new features and a long ChangeLog entry...

0.1.16 should be more stable than 0.1.15, and contains bug fixes for bugs
that were noticed by a lot of people.  :)

You can pick your own fonts now (if you build the GTK 1.2 version anyway).

Wedged explosions are in this release, allowing Riot Charge and Riot
Blast.  Thanks to Jason House.

What we would like is if people let us know about any bugs or
instabilities they find in 0.1.16 (except for networking, which we know
has issues).



Mistrust is the dark heart of wicked problems.

 - Jonathan B. King, ``Learning to Solve the Right Problems'', pg. 12.