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xscorch 0.2.1-pre1 released

Howdjy Folks,

Today I released xscorch 0.2.1-pre1.  The main difference between 0.2.0 
and 0.2.1 will be the 0.2.1 release (and this -pre1) are geared towards 
a modern GTK.  0.2.1-pre1 is known to work with GTK 2.12 and above.  A 
few minor features such as network chat need rewriten still.

I have dropped support for GTK 1.2 and earlier GTK 2.x due to the way 
GTK constantly changes their APIs.  My main target with current xscorch 
development is for it to build and install on modern Debian.

This release also includes the bug fixes previously released as patches 
against 0.2.0 and a few other minor fixups.

As always, get your xscorch at:  http://www.xscorch.org/



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